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Air Flow Simulations


Single Tier System

• The temperature distribution stays low (70-75F) with the lights on
• Air mixing fans move air effectively as you move through each cut and watch the heat move upward in the room as designed
• The air movement is effective and the temperature is remaining low in the central area of the racks
• Cooling is fully effective at distributing the heat coming off the lights
• The velocity gradient demonstrates vertical air movement for destratification and air movement at the canopy level

Single Tier Temperature of First Row

Double Tier System

• With the room running full lights the temperature distribution is very even and remaining in the 70-75F range, with + / – 1.5F fluctuation
• The air movement is emphasized by the velocity distribution (especially in the second row model) that shows consistent airflow in the middle of the racks
• The only spot that is lacking is the aisle in the middle where air flow is not as crucial

Double Tier Temperature of First Row

EasyRoots provides smart and efficient systems, equipment, and technology integration and implementation offered nowhere else in the market.

Complete Services

Professionally stamped, permit ready plans. We have years of
experience designing HVAC-D systems for indoor and greenhouse
facilities, and our systems are designed ductless to cut construction
cost and simplify long term operations.

We have a rolodex of qualified and certified mechanical contractors
in Massachusetts, and every other legal cannabis state. We also
have a process that provides a clear scope so we can get honest,
line item pricing for your customers to select from. This also cuts
costly contractor markups.

We will work with your customers’ local utility company to optimize
their rebate amount. Our customers benefit from systems that have
IEER ratings that typically range from 28 to 33, leading the air source
industry. We also carry a solar thermal technology

We are manufacturer certified HVAC techs, and will oversee the
installation and commission the systems when complete.

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