Grow Room HVAC

Variable Refrigerant Flow

• Lower Cost | Rebate Qualification
• Efficiency | 25 to 33 IEER
• Functionality | Ductless
• Reliability | 10 Year Warranty

Temperature Stability

Overcome Size Constraints

Easy Roots ductless HVAC Systems have been operational in cultivation environments since 2016. EasyRoot’s systems are designed to lower power requirements, resulting in a leading energy efficiency rating (IEER). “Dry Mode” operation reduces humidity during lights off cycle. Ductless air handlers run a sealed grow environment with easy-to-clean coils. We source our systems direct from the factory to eliminate distributor and contractor markups. Finally, a touchscreen controller allows for real-time monitoring, control, and scheduling for each zone.

Easy Roots HVAC Products

Make Your Grow More Efficient

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