Customer Spotlight

High Mountain Health

  • Northern Arizona
  • 70 Tons of Solar HVAC
  • Over 100K Tax Credit
  • Top HVAC Efficiency

Southland Farms

  • Niles, Michigan
  • 3,000sf LED Grow
  • Kitchen and Dispensary
  • Included for Complete Facility Climatization
  • 40 Tons of High Efficiency
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Utilizes Flipped Room Schedule to Reduce Peak Heat Loads


  • Chesaning, Michigan
  • 3,500sf of Grow Space, ~7,000 sq ft of Canopy
  • Double Tier Flower Rooms with Crossflow Fans for Lower Tier Air Movement
  • 75 Tons of Ductless Cooling
    Heat Recovery for Free Heat in Winter


  • Western Michigan
  • Max Rebate Earned
  • 250 Tons of Heat Recovery
  • Free Heating for Facility

Revel Cultivars

  • Colorado, over 7,500 ft Elevation
  • Two 4,000sq ft Greenhouses
  • 120 Tons of Cooling & Heating
  • Deep Water Culture for Optimal Output

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