HVAC For Cannabis

EasyRoots supplies cost-saving grow room HVAC systems that eliminate unnecessary construction costs and provide immediate payback through utility efficiency rebates and tax credits.

EasyRoots extensive Cannabis cultivation experience drives exceptional results:

Average Setup Cost Reduction
Monthly Power Reduction Savings

EasyRoots Reinvented HVAC for Cannabis in 2016

We realized a gap in the market: HVAC for Indoor Grows typically costs too much, takes on too many complexities, or is designed for seasonal cooling.

With multiple customers in nearly every legal state, we have supplied cost-saving HVAC systems that eliminate unnecessary construction costs and provide immediate payback through utility efficiency rebates and tax credits. Considering budget, electrical, structural and space limitations common to most indoor grow facilities, your EasyRoots system could be game changing.

Our Mission is to drive rapid profits for Cannabis Producers by solving the most challenging issues with starting and operating a cultivation facility.

Customer Spotlight

EasyRoots has saved growers over $1M to date. Check out their success stories.

Revel Cultivars

Easy Root’s Customer Secures $100K+ HVAC-D Rebate

“The cost of this project’s HVACD equipment has been effectively reduced by 33% or more.”
– Derek Lowes, Fireside, Maine


Just want to thank the guys out at easy roots for knowledge and passion that they have in their work. Working with Quentin and Ian was great!! Very pleased with the equipment that we purchased from them, everything is top notch with them.

Eric Bushnell, Infinity Farms Rx Inc

We would not have opened if it was not for EasyRoots expertise. We were the first cultivation facility to open in our region and the first to gross over $1M in our state’s history. That only happened because our startup costs were a fraction of what most pay.

Ron B., Calm N Collective

I recently did a ground up build using Easy Roots and I am extremely happy. From designing to equipment to customer service, these guys are top notch the whole way through! Customer service means a lot to me and Ian and Quentin are the best there is! You won’t find a better service than you will with these guys. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Donovan Burke, Colorado

If you’re exploring environmental control options for your grow talk to these guys before some “expert” sends you down a dead-end road.

Steve T., High Mountain Health

As a general contractor that Specializes in the Cannabis industry for cultivation I can tell you that your end result for success comes down to who designs and plans your hvac. I’ve worked with several other companies and the results were always less then desired. Working with Quentin has made all difference in my build program, from a design build approach it’s a win. Makes my job that much easier when you have knowledgeable and competent companies that actually know this specific industry. Field support actually happens, have needed answers on the fly and we’re able to get my response quick and able to execute accordingly. In this business knowledge trumps thought.

Matt Ostrander, AK Contracting

I had the pleasure to work with EasyRoots to help me develop an energy efficient HVAC system to work within the confines of what my new business needs were. They helped me in ways I don’t think anyone in any industry would be able to provide & they excelled at it. I had several delays related to the construction & various parts of my project & they were very patient with me & offered assistance where they could. This was a new venture for me so it was helpful to have EasyRoots assist me in the process. Overall, highly recommended. If you can dream it, it is likely they can help make it happen. But what they’re really good at is helping you with an energy efficient system you may have not known was available. I spent most my time with many emails, phone calls, & some conferencing. Ian & Quentin were very helpful in the whole process. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jeffrey Darnell, Colorado



Ducted Systems Consume Grow Space and Spike Costs.
Your EasyRoots Systems Saves.

Make Your Grow More Efficient

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Engineering Services


EasyRoots provides best-in-class cultivation facility design and engineering services for mechanical, electrical and plumbing system implementation.


EasyRoots provides smart and efficient systems, equipment, and technology integration and implementation offered nowhere else in the market.


Negotiating with contractors can be a challenge. Our process will provide guidance to drive down costs by sourcing bids.


Running your technology optimally leads to quicker profits. EasyRoots is not just an equipment supplier, but a resource for your business.

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