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EasyRoots Reinvented HVAC for Cannabis in 2016

We realized a gap in the market: HVAC for Indoor Grows typically costs too much, takes on too many complexities, or is designed for seasonal cooling.

With multiple customers in nearly every legal state, we have supplied cost-saving HVAC systems that eliminate unnecessary construction costs and provide immediate payback through utility efficiency rebates and tax credits. Considering budget, electrical, structural and space limitations common to most indoor grow facilities, your EasyRoots system could be game changing.

Common Misconceptions

VRF manufacturers stand behind their product with a 10 year warranty, even for industrial applications. The system is designed for continuous duty by ramping up or down to meet varying heat loads. VRF systems precisely maintain desired temperature set points and eliminate wide temperature fluctuations.

If not sized, engineered, or installed properly, any HVAC system can fail in indoor cultivation.Our proven VRF Systems have been operational in cultivation environments since 2016. Further, the State of Illinois requires all craft Cannabis cultivation facilities, with over 6,000 sq ft. of canopy, plan to install VRF style systems.

No. Mini-Splits are for residential applications for seasonal use only. VRF are designed for commercial and industrial facilities, and specifically built for year-round operation.

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