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When looking into HVAC-D for Cannabis cultivation, you quickly realize it will be one of the largest portions of your budget. Getting it done right the first time with an efficient HVAC-D system can break your budget if sourced through the traditional construction process. However, new cultivation companies should know that Easy Root’s systems qualify for rebates to help recoup substantial costs, while saving money long term on reduced energy bills.

Recently, one of Easy Root’s customers in the Northeast had a project with the total climate control system being $290K. Through rebates given out by the electrical company they were able to recoup $103K.

Rebates are given out by estimating the amount of electricity that will be
saved by utilizing more efficient equipment when compared to standard
Rooftop or Dx split systems. After running a detailed model, the utility company’s engineering team found the electrical requirements would be significantly reduced.

Consideration for efficiency should be a vital part of your HVAC-D decision making but ensuring the equipment has a lifetime that will last as long as your business.

“Every grow facility, whether new construction or retrofit, presents unique HVACD challenges. If your project is large enough to support a dispensary, you probably already know code enforcement is going to require you hire a mechanical engineer. My advice would be to contact the boutique engineering team at Easy Roots, regardless of your current canopy size or level of industry sophistication.

Especially for those new to the industry, know out the gate that it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of HVACD options available. Doing your own research is always great, but don’t underestimate the number of months doing all you own research will add to your construction timeline. What I’m telling you is that calling Easy Roots today could save you a ton of time and frustration.

Easy Roots will do an excellent job breaking down the challenges of your specific project into understandable and approachable terms. You’ll have your long lead time HVACD equipment selected and ordered months ahead of schedule.

Even if you think you have already found the HVACD system you want, my advice would still be to call Easy Roots to get a second opinion. This industry is becoming increasing cost competitive and so you can’t afford to have a second rate HVACD system if you hope to compete. Take the time to be sure.

I’ve found Easy Roots’ pricing to be competitive relative to larger incumbent companies. Unlike the competition, I’ve always been able to rely on Easy Roots when I need them. They don’t drag their feet when asked an important question that needs answering. They go the extra mile to get your project to the finish line at no additional hidden cost.

Who you partner with in this industry can make or break your project. Having Easy Roots in your corner is having access to great network of likeminded professionals whenever you need help. All else equal, Easy Roots is worth a premium.

Finally, I want to personally thank Easy Roots team for integrating their engineering knowledge into my energy efficiency spreadsheet modeling. On our most recent project, I will attest to the fact our collaborative efforts have qualified for six figure energy efficiency incentives issues by the state. The cost of this project’s HVACD equipment has been effectively reduced by 33% or more. From a capital budgeting perspective, the system you helped design absolutely dominates cheaper (less efficient) alternatives. Great work everyone!

Disclaimer: Given the high level of service I received from this company, I felt compelled to write my first ever google review. The opinions expressed here are my own. At the time of writing, I have not received any compensation in any form from Easy Roots or their affiliates, nor do I have reason to expect this relationship will change in the foreseeable future.”

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