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Customize Your Grow

  • Ensure Optimal Environment at Plant Canopy
  • Ceiling or Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • Ducted or Ductless, Easy to Install
  • Quiet Operation, Custom CFM
  • Efficient Alternative and Backup for HVAC System

Maximize Efficiency

  • Incorporate Weather Station to Automate Operation
  • Free Cooling and Dehumidifying
  • Easy Operation
  • Save on Capital Outlay

Dilute Odors with Roof Mounted Fans
Simple and Easy to Install

10″ to 24″ Odor Diluting Exhaust Fan

Great for Cold Weather
For Large Grow Rooms
For Small Grow Rooms

18″ to 54″ High Volume Ventilation Fan

Control the Use of Outside Air
Customize to Desired CFM
Great for Cold Weather Climate Efficiency

Motorized Air Inlet

Vertical Air Movement - No Hot Spots
Horizontal Air Movement - No Hot Spots

Commercial Scale Vertical and Horizontal Air Mixer