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Shop Energy Efficient Add-Ons | Customize Your Cultivation - Increase Grow Efficiency with our Energy Efficient Add-Ons

Customize Your Grow

  • Ensure Optimal Environment at Plant Canopy
  • Ceiling or Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans
  • Ducted or Ductless, Easy to Install
  • Quiet Operation, Custom CFM
  • Efficient Alternative and Backup for HVAC System

Maximize Efficiency

  • Eliminate Costly Utility Bills
  • Save Energy, Money, Planet
  • Give your Grow Facility the Leading Edge
  • Take Advantage of Tax Credits, Rebates, and Efficiency Incentives
  • Cost Effective Upgrades

Real Time Insights
Track Finances & Security
Historical Data

Facility Power Monitoring Software and Mobile App

Small System Compatible
Recover Wind Energy from Condenser

HVAC Pre-Cooler

Parabolic Solar Troughs
Powering Your HVAC
Increase System Longevity
Qualify Your HVAC Investment for Tax Credits and Rebates
Passive System Components

Hybrid Climate System – Solar Cooling

Real Time Chart
Real Time Room Status
Manage Your Grow Remotely
Self Configurable

Mobile Control System