– Outdoor units must be paired with multiple indoor units that combine to be of equal or greater tonnage (Up to 150% of outdoor unit tonnage). For example, this 12 ton unit would require 12 to 18 tons of indoor units.

– Once your base units are ordered, a Sales Representative will be in touch to consult on engineering, shipping and installation


– 10 Year Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Program

– Lower power requirement, resulting in leading energy efficiency rating (IEER).

– “Dry Mode” operation to reduce humidity during lights off cycle.

– Ductless air handlers to run a sealed grow environment with easy to clean coils.

– Direct access to Daikin and Panasonic factory to eliminate distributor and contractor markups.

– Maximize tax credits and rebates with solar integration or heat recovery systems.

– Touch screen controller allows for real time control and scheduling for each zone.